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At CODE-A-ROBOT we believe that software and robotics engineering are the careers of the future. At the very minimum, software and robotics knowledge will be a plus in any career. Your investment in your child or teen STEM literacy today could pay off tenfold in their very near tomorrow.

CODE-A-ROBOT's motto is "Create and have fun!". It is proven that enjoying an activity triples the capacity of learning and retention of a new concept. At CODE-A-ROBOT, your stundent is garanteed to have fun and unleash their full learning potential.

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Educational and fun, coding or building, in person or online, we have them all! Click on any to learn more!

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Code‑A‑Turtle is a fun python challenge where students compete to score the most points with their turtle!


Digital‑Art is the next level of python coding. Students code beautiful art!


Code‑A‑Sprite teaches students how to build 2D games using Scratch.


Build‑An‑App teaches students how to build apps and install them on their tablet or phone!

Code‑A‑Page! CSS fun

Students learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and create fun animated web pages.


Students code a virtual VEX robot through fun challenges.


Students learn how to create their own Minecraft mods using Java.

Minecraft Server Fun!

Fun time on our Minecraft Servers.


Build‑A‑Game teaches students how to build their own Roblox games.

Roblox Team-Create!

Students build and test their Roblox games as a team.


Students build a robot using their individual robotic kit.

Build‑A‑Robot! VEX

Students build and code a competition level robot using their individual robotic kit.

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